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Om Membership Club

At Om Wellness Center, we believe in empowering individuals on their journey towards holistic well-being. Om Membership Club is designed to provide exclusive benefits and personalized experiences to our valued members. Whether you're seeking tranquility through yoga, rejuvenation through massage therapy, or inner peace through meditation, Om Membership Club offers a gateway to a balanced and fulfilling life.

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Exclusive Access: Gain priority access to our range of wellness services, classes, and workshops tailored to meet your unique needs. Enjoy reserved slots and priority booking for your favorite sessions.

Discounts & Savings: As a member, you'll receive special discounts on all our services, retail products, and events. Save on everything from massages to yoga mats, making self-care more affordable and accessible.

Discounts & Savings on renting space for member personal events.

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Personalized Wellness Plans: Receive personalized wellness plans crafted by our experienced practitioners. Whether you're aiming to reduce stress, improve flexibility, or enhance mindfulness, our team will work with you to create a customized roadmap for your wellness journey.

Community Support: Connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for well-being. Our Membership Club fosters a supportive community where members can share experiences, provide encouragement, and celebrate milestones together.

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Member-Only Events: Enjoy exclusive access to member-only events, workshops, and retreats. Immerse yourself in transformative experiences led by expert instructors and wellness coaches.

Access to specialized wellness services: Members can book appointments for services like massage therapy, reiki healing, spritual baths, foot detox, spiritual consultations and wellness consultations at discounted rates.

Access to Om virtual OASIS & Retreat Space.

Ready to embark on your journey to holistic wellness?

Join Om Membership Club today and unlock a world of benefits, savings, and transformative experiences. 

Experience the power of Om – where mind, body, and spirit unite for total well-being.

Best Value

Om Wellness Center Membership



Every month

Our membership provide exclusive benefits and personalized experiences to our members.

Valid until canceled

Priority access to wellness services, classes & workshops

Monthly self-care newsletter

Special discounts on services, retail products & cafe

Exclusive access to member-only events, workshops & retreats

Connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion

Access to virtual re-treat space & self-care resource center

Scheduled access to meditation/quiet room

& more

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